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I was reminded earlier of that time a bunch of songs from guys here were stolen back in 2011 and it made me remember that one of my songs was used without concent in a rom hack in like 2016 or something. Now, the song was just an old Zelda remake that is also on NG so it doesn't bug me that much that someone would use it in a game since the majority of the composition is something I didn't originally create anyway. What bugged me was what kind of game it was used in... A Conker fan game. Obviously if you know me and you know Conker, these things do not mix. They might have mixed back in 2010, but not now man.

The only reason I found out was because of a ping from a google search that came back from Romhacking.net with my (now old) pseudonym 'Rahmemhotep' being used in some page. It was a music credit on a readme.txt file (scroll all the way to the bottom and look under 'New Music') that when I read it was just one of those, "What in the world is this?" moments. After I found out (which was probably not until 2018) I scoured and found emails for these guys and emailed them asking what level they put it in and why they didn't ask permission, because I didn't want the song used in the game and yadda, yadda, yadda- Look they never got back to me to this day.

To close on this topic though, while I really wish it wasn't there and that I could do something about it, I really can't. At this point I'm looking at it praying that someone who checks out the credits or the song will come to my accounts and be exposed to the Gospel, like because of this there's a light in a very dark place.

You can go to timestamp 17:36 in this video to hear and see where they put the song. I only just found this on my own by looking for a desert in the preview frame pictures when you hover over the red video progress line in youtube. I can tell it's the youtube version of the song and not the NG updated version. I found out what song was used thanks to this random guy making a OST playlist for the game recently. -_-

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